The Lifesaver, a 3 metres of brightly visible yellow line has been created for easy man overboard retrieval using manpower, passerelle or lifting equipment

Anybody who’s done any sailing will have learnt how to retrieve a man overboard. It’s not an easy task and it’s a team effort for sure. Anything that can make this easier is certainly welcome.

All lifejackets are fitted with a lifting strop, but this can be difficult to locate especially in a situation which is stressful and can cause panic, such as when somebody falls out of a boat.

MOB Lifesavers have created The Lifesaver, a 3 metres of brightly visible yellow line, spliced into a loop with a triangle at one end. The other end is fitted to the lifting becket in an automatic life jacket.

When the life jacket inflates, Lifesaver floats out onto the water making it easier and quicker for the rescuer onboard to grab with a boathook and secure the person over board to the boat. Once attached to a retrieval rig, Lifesaver is able to lift up to 1.5 ton with its HMPE (Dyneema) strengthened line.

To fit it is simply: first undo the jacket, find the lifting strop and loop Lifesaver through using a strap hitch knot, neatly fold back in on top of the bladder.

Lifesavers come complete with a pouch and Lifejacket zip tag, as a reminder and they are now approved for inclusion in the Crewsaver range of lifejackets.

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