Icom UK Launch DSC Handheld Microsite

Icom UK are pleased to announce the launch of a new microsite
dedicated to Handheld DSC radio. The new website sheds light on this
relatively new marine technology. It explains what DSC Handheld VHF
radios are, where they can be used and why boat owners need one. It
also answers several questions about the ownership and registration of
DSC handheld radio in an informative FAQ section.

To go to this new site, click on www.dschandheld.com

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd, said, “Customer reaction has been incredibly positive to our recently launched IC-M91D Buoyant VHF/DSC Handheld with GPS.
However we have had lots of questions regarding where and how they can
be used. So we decided to put all our information on a informative