The New IC-M71 from Icom is probably the most powerful and stylish handheld VHF transceiver ever seen in the market place.

At first glance you can see that the IC-M71 has a stylish, ergonomic design but beneath that is a durable and rugged body providing user-friendly operation and long life. The IC-M71 has advanced waterproof protection (1.5m depth for 30 minutes, equivalent to IPX8 rating) which is a first for the market place. This is a radio you can use in the rain, snow or in any other severe weather conditions!

To make sure that you are still there at the end, the IC-M71 comes as standard with the largest capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack we’ve ever supplied (2000 mAh) which provides up to 16 hours operating time. This battery provides up to three times the operating time of a traditional Ni-Cd pack and can be recharged in any state without risk of ‘memory effect’.

The IC-M71 features excellent audio performance. Its internal speaker delivers a loud 600mW output with clear sound even in noisy environments. In addition, a water draining support function ejects water from the speaker grille with low frequency sound. Excellent power output, 6 watts, provides extended communication range when you need it.

Simplicity is Icom’s watchword and the IC-M71 is simpler than ever. A wide viewing angle, high resolution LCD is used on the IC-M71 offering bright and easy to read characters. The keypad controls are clearly labelled and illuminated to ensure confident operation in poor lighting conditions, whilst their size and intuitive positioning allow use even wearing gloves!

For the commercial user the IC-M71 is available with a built scrambler for when you want to keep conversations between members of your organisation private. An accessory socket is incorporated onto the top of the radio, much like the IC-M90/M1EuroV and allows for a wide range of accessories such as VOX headsets for safe, hands free, communications – alternatively a waterproof speaker microphone may be used.

This multi featured stylish VHF portable is an ideal transceiver for any leisure boat owner while the advanced features will appeal to a range of commercial operators such as sea-transport companies, Marinas and Port Authorities. This durable VHF will stand up well for Search and Rescue organisations such as HM Coastguard, RNLI and National Coastwatch stations. Such will be the value of this radio that it will appeal to a range of leisure craft users from Jet skiers to ocean going yachtsmen.

Preview products will be shown on the Icom UK stand (S2415) at the London Boat Show 2006. Type approval is in progress and the radio should be in the shops by the start of the season. An extended 3-year warranty will be available for this product.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager at Icom UK said, ‘As the true specialists in radio communications, Icom’s Research and Development has sought improved battery performance, greater clarity of audio and improved waterproofing. Icom have once again engineered a product that is extremely desirable on a number of fronts including style, functionality, usability and top performance.’