Gloucestershire based company, Marine 16, have launched Diesel Dipper a water and sludge separator created to put an end to diesel sludge problems

The Diesel Dipper has been created to make boat owners’ life much easier by removing all water, sludge and contaminants from the very bottom of the tank. Diesel Dipper is a self-contained system independent of the engine. Used when underway whilst the contents at the bottom of the tank are sloshing around it will effectively scour the tank bottom of all debris.

Permanently installed bypass system and fitted with a 12v pump Diesel Dipper sucks out all water and contaminants via the drain plug, into the patent pending “Tank Separator” where, separated from the diesel, the debris drops to the bottom and is removed by opening a drain valve. The clean diesel then moves back to the top of the tank after passing through a 40 micron stainless steel washable filter that adds fuel “polishing”.

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For boats without a drain plug a “Dip Tube” can be supplied. A simple flange is fitted to the top of the tank with four self tapping screws. A 10mm pipe then passes through to enable the dipper to scour everything off the bottom of the tank.

Marina 16 Peter Weide, Managing Director, comments “Used in combination with our Diesel Fuel Treatment we would guarantee an end to sludge related diesel problems – a bold statement indeed –  but adds that by removing water you remove 90% of fuel related problems whilst remaining issues are addressed with Marine 16 Diesel Fuel Complete that helps prevent other sludge issues and protects the engine.”

sketch of Diesel Dipper

Made in the UK, the Diesel Dipper is available to purchase online or at Force 4 Chandlery and other selected independent and national retailers and is priced at £450 + VAT.