16ft vessel broke down just 600m from shore

The RNLI rescued a 16ft motor-cruiser last week, after her engines broke down just 600m from the shore.

Forth Coastguard broadcasted a request for assistance at Burntisland Bay on Saturday afternoon. A small yacht responded and took the cruiser under tow.

The lifeboat appeared within 12 minutes of being alerted.

“We arrived on scene to find the casualty vessel being towed by a small yacht,” said Helm Leanne Fisher. “We were much better equipped to deal with the boat so we took the vessel under tow for the final stretch to the slipway.”

“Two crewmembers then entered the water and assisted the two casualties to get the boat onto the slipway and its trailer,” she added. “We would remind people who are considering going to sea to be properly equipped; this includes having basic safety equipment such as lifejackets, a VHF radio and flares, the boat should also be well maintained and regularly serviced.”