Skipper was stuck out at sea in dangerous conditions

A lone fisherman was stranded 300 miles off Pendower beach on Friday when his 21ft open boat propeller snagged on his fishing nets.

The fisherman called 999 saying he was stuck at sea and worried the treacherous conditions would drive him ashore.

When the RNLI all weather and inshore lifeboats reached the boat, they watched the stuck skipper desperately trying to head away from the shore. The RNLI rescue crews could see he was making little process and they were concerned the engine could be damaged.

It was decided that she would be towed back to the harbour. A crew member was put aboard the vessel to trail a drogue, which would prevent the fishing boat overrunning the tow rope in the heavy seas.

She was towed back to Grove Place Dinghy Park where she could dry out whilst the owner freed the propeller.