Ramsgate RNLI encountered a yacht in trouble when responding to a call for help from a yacht

Ramsgate RNLI volunteers responded to a call to help from a 10m yacht off Ramsgate, but encountered an angling boat in trouble shortly after.

The 10m yacht was at anchor after suffering a broken drive coupling in its engine and couldn’t enter the harbour. After raising the anchor, she was towed towards Ramsgate by all weather lifeboat Esme Anderson.

During the journey towards Ramsgate, the RNLI spotted a 23ft angling boat with just one crew onboard struggling to raise the anchor.
With the yacht still under tow, the lifeboat manouvered alongside the angling boat and one volunteer was transferred onboard to help.

The lifeboat returned the yacht to Ramsgate Harbour and returned to the angling boat when the anchor couldn’t be lifted.

With the anchor stuck fast, the anchor rope was transferred to the lifeboat so the capstan could be used to give extra strength. However, the shackle attaching the anchor to its chain parted and the anchor was lost.

The angling boat made her own way back to Ramsgate.