An explosion on a yacht in Minden, Germany, has left 15 firefighters and one police officer in need of medical assistance

15 firefighters and a police officer were injured when a yacht exploded in the port of Minden, a German town in the north-east of North Rhine Westphalia.

The accident happened late on Tuesday night, 12 July, after firefighters boarded the Gina, a motor boat that had caught fire, and were trying to extinguish the blaze. It’s unclear whether the police officer was also on the yacht or nearby.

The boat exploded soon after they’d boarded the vessel.

Two nearby boats and a car were also damaged by the blast.

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Fire department spokesman Heino Nordmeyer told German news agency dpa: “The three people, who were severely injured, have had surgery and are in stable condition.”

It is believed that three more people suffered severe injuries and one of them is said to be in critical conditions.

It’s unclear what caused the explosion.