The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASSF) has awarded a grant of nearly £10,000 to the Bermuda Schools WaterWise Foundation, a school-based water skills education programme

ASSF said in a statement: “The grant will allow an existing schools educational initiative known as WaterWise to continue to offer water safety, seamanship, small boat handling and sailing as a powerful educational tool to a wide spectrum of young people on the island.”

The water skills programme integrates science, technology, engineering and maths from the start to help young people in their intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. Students learn a wide spectrum of disciplines from seamanship to sailing a small boat solo.

Speaking on behalf of the ASSF committee in Bermuda Tim Patton said: “The goals of the ASSF and WaterWise are nearly identical which is great in that they were developed independently of each other. This grant will allow WaterWise in Bermuda to continue to provide this very successful and highly regarded educational tool. What a fabulous way to commemorate Bart and celebrate his attitude toward kids and sailing.”

ASSF founding trustee Iain Percy said: “It is an honour to award a grant to this fantastic, educational sailing programme. This is exactly the type of project that we, as a Foundation, want to support. One of our main objectives, and challenges, is to raise the profile of sailing as a valuable educational and career development tool.