Step-by-step seamanship videos for power and sail boats. From berthing in strong winds to sailing short handed, these boat skills hacks are not to be missed

Whether your under power or sail, these seamanship videos will ensure boating in any weather is smooth and problem free. It’s never too late to learn a new hack and brush up on your boating skills so check out how to experts do it…


Professional skipper Simon Phillips walks us through short-handed sailing and how to keep things stress free.


Heading out to the Med? Learn how to moor ‘Med style’ with this step-by-step guide to stern-to berthing.


Sometimes springing off the bow won’t work, as the bow blows back in when you engage neutral. YM reader Colm Cleary suggests spronging off the bow instead. Here’s how:


Find out how the best way to stop a boat quickly under downwind sails and remain close to the casualty in Yachting World’s Bluewater Sailing series.



When the wind blows up, casting off can prove tricky for seasoned sailors. Watch this guide to leaving a windy berth and let the experts answer any questions.


Jon Mendez continues in his boat skills series for Motor Boat & Yachting. In this video, Jon explains how to get your trim right when you’re stuck in beam-on conditions.