Australia, What's Next, Photos

I’ve had a comment and quite a few emails asking what’s going on. Well, not a lot really. The project is still on, and I’m at home in Australia working, and scheming for the next leg.

I’m still adamant about trucking the boat, and will do so sometime in April. We’ll go somewhere on the West coast of the US (obviously), most likely Berkeley because I have a couple of contacts in the area. I also like Ginsberg, and I hear he wrote a poem there. While my blogging has slowed down, the project hasn’t – So for anyone thinking I’ve just thrown the towel in, you’d be more than wrong! It also remains to be seen how I will get myself across the country, as the original idea of cycling may have changed slightly in recent weeks.

I continue to work with, which has been fantastic – if you’re a sailor, go there, sign up, and share your tips & info on your local sailing area. When not working with Bluemapia, I have the great fortune to be working on my own ideas. They involve the web, and sailing And another project may involve helping someone else begin an enormous and seemingly impossible voyage. More on all of that some other time.

After Christmas (which involved no snow) I went on a small trip – Photos are in the usual place. My return ticket to New York is booked for the 19th of January, however, due to a lack of housing options, and the fact it’s much easier for me to survive here than in a foreign country in the dead of winter, it is more than likely I will stay another month or two. There is little I can do on Constellation right now, and she will probably not touch the water again until April or early May. Much work remains, and she’s in a state of disarray, however 2009 is set to be the year Constellation is more seaworthy than in any other time of her life!