Founder claims they are cheaper than getting a black cab to the Olympic Park

A canal boat company came under fire after it was revealed
that they were charging £95 to transport people to the Olympic Park during the London 2012 Games.

Local MP Jim Fitzpatrick said the price of a trip with Water
Chariots was “ridiculous”, according to the BBC, claiming the £95 journey is
“way outside the reach of most people’s pockets”.

However Peter Coleman, founder of Water Chariots, said it’s
not expensive. He said using Water Chariots is cheaper than taking a black cab for the same
journey, which will leave from Tottenham Hale or Limehouse Marina.

Coleman believes it’s a fair price for the service, which
transports ticket holders straight to the Olympic Park and avoids queuing.

“It’s about the experience,” he said. “People are only
going to do this once in their lifetime so we want to make it special. We are
not taking advantage.”

British Waterways said Water Chariots were awarded a 15-year
licence to operate canal boats in the area because they had committed to a good
legacy plan. Following the London 2012 Olympic Games some of the boats will
become self-hire vessels, some will be available for private charter and some
will be used for visits around the area.