The only occupant of the vessel was uninjured after leaping into the water at Warsash Harbour on the River Hamble, Hampshire.

The explosion happened at around 8.30pm on 4 May and was heard by members of the Hamble Lifeboat crew who were in the area on a training exercise.

After contacting the UK Coastguard and Hants Fire and Rescue, the crew arrived at Warsash Harbour to find the vessel on fire.

The only occupant of the boat had dived into the water to escape the flames and was uninjured.

A spokesman for the Hamble Lifeboat said: “The vessel was completely on fire within that short space of time and it was established that there was only one person involved and he was safe and well away from the vessel. The vessel on fire then drifted away from the pontoon and due to the flood tide went upstream.”

Burning boat on River Hamble

The boat was drifting close to yachts moored on the river. Credit Hamble Lifeboat


Crew members managed to attach a line and towed the burning boat away from the other yachts and vessels moored on the river.

Hamble Lifeboat tows the burning boat

The burning boat being towed away by the Hamble Lifeboat. Credit Hamble Lifeboat


“Once under tow, the lifeboat crew were able to use their pump to extinguish the fire whilst they brought it to the slipway, where the fire crews from Hightown Fire Station were waiting,” explained the spokesman.