Launched today, the BoatCOSafe campaign is asking parliament to make CO alarms mandatory on inland waterways

The BoatCOSafe campaign launched today (2 March) to highlight the dangers of carbon monoxide.

The campaign’s website features a video and news to educate people on the risks of CO. A petition has also been launched.

The petition – available to sign from the website – is asking parliament to make having a CO alarm mandatory on inland waterways.

Lead campaigner Niki Molnar MBE said: “Boats are naturally enclosed spaces where carbon monoxide can build up very quickly – and as you can’t smell or see it, you can be affected by it before you realise what has happened”.

BoatCOSafe is encouraging people to check that any enclosed boat they are on has an installed and working CO alarm.
With the sailing season and the warm weather just around the corner, it’s very important to do these checks in advance.

Niki added: “Alarms are so reasonably priced these days that there is no reason why every boat owner should not have a suitable CO alarm installed. Rented homes must legally have one, so why not smaller – more confined – boats?”

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The BoatCOSafe is supported by brokerage company TBS Boats and Safelincs Ltd.
In their three locations (Penton Hook Marina in Surrey, Bray Marina in Berkshire and the Hamble), TBS Boats, who are celebrating 25 years of boat sales this year, are installing free Safelincs® Carbon Monoxide alarms on every new or used boat they sell.

Dominic Smulders, Managing Director of TBS Boats Bray said:

“We didn’t have a second thought about getting involved and supporting the BoatCOSafe campaign. There are too many reports of injuries, and sadly, deaths from this silent killer and I’m proud that TBS Boats are doing something to help by installing CO alarms ‘free of charge’ on all new and used boats we sell.”

Safelincs Ltd are also at the forefront of boat safety. They have been offering fire safety solutions to boat owners for over 15 years and offer a range of automatic fire extinguishers, as well a smoke and CO alarms that are suitable for use on boats.

Harry Dewick-Eisele, Managing Director of Safelincs Ltd said:

“As the UKs largest online retailer of fire safety goods and services, Safelincs Ltd, have always had a passion about raising awareness around carbon monoxide poisoning. We are very pleased to have partnered with TBS Boats in support of a national awareness campaign BoatCoSafe and hope to help reduce the number of CO related deaths on the waterways.”