Two bodies recovered from remote lake in Cambridgeshire

Two half-brothers drowned yesterday after trying to rescue injured geese from a lake.

The brothers, Luke and Ashley Fountain, were in a rowing boat when they spotted the geese. Luke was leaning over the side of the boat to help the birds when he fell in the water.

Ashley went to the edge of the lake, “took his wellies off and swam to Luke,” explained Ashley’s father Dave Yardy. “He got hold of him and brought him back to the shore but they both went under.”

According to the Daily Mail, Luke’s dad watched helplessly as the half-brothers struggled in the freezing water.

It’s believed the pair were on the water some time on Saturday, and were reported missing Sunday.

Divers began looking for the brothers Sunday morning and their bodies were recovered yesterday. The pair were caught in mud and reeds and drowned in Lake Mere near Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire.

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