The hull of Britannica HAV has now been towed to Le Havre following a collision with a fishing vessel in the English Channel on Tuesday (20 March)

The 82m cargo ship Britannica HAV was carrying almost 2 tonnes of steel when it capsized in the English Channel on Tuesday (20 March).

Malta-flagged Britannica HAV collided with Belgium-flagged fishing vessel Deborah 50nm of the Cherbourg coast.

The Maritime Prefect was alerted at 15:40 local time and a French Navy helicopter was deployed to assist and evacuate the seven crew members aboard the cargo ship.

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All crew had managed to leave the ship before it sank and were unharmed and safe, whilst the captain of the fishing vessel had sustained a minor head injury.

Britannica HAV sustained damage at the centre of its port side and four bilge boards became separated from the ship and were adrift.

The hull of the ship has been towed by the tug Abeille Liberté, and is now on its way to Le Havre, where it’s expected to arrive this afternoon.