Yachts of 100 years old and more will take part in the Gstaad to St Tropez race.

Some of the most stunning yachts still sailing will take part in the 2015 edition of the Gstaad Yacht Cub Centenary Trophy.

For the fith year running, the Centenary Trophy will see the grand old dames of the yachting world go head-to-head in a pursuit race.

The race and handicap system has been specially created with the vintage boats in mind and the first boat to nose across the line off the St Tropez breakwater will be declared the winner.

Scottish vessel, Moonbeam IV, is taking part for the first time this year.

Moonbeam IV

The William Fife III yacht was built in 1914 in Fairlie, Scotland.

Mikael Creac’h, skipper, said of the Centenary Trophy: “It’s great to have such an event because it highlights the heritage, the history of the centenarians.

“It’s important to show that with care, devotion and most of all passionate and committed owners these boats can last almost forever.”

The race starts on October 2015.

Bonafide (1899), Folly (1907), Marigold (1982), Mignon (1905), Nin (1913) , NY30 Oriole (1905), Owl (1909), Phoebus (1903), Veronique (1907) and Windhover (1904) are also confirmed entrants.