The US Coast Guard rescues two vessels locked in thick ice on the Hudson River, New York, as extreme weather and snow storms ravage the east coast

The US Coast Guard has come to the assistance of two vessels beset by ice on the Hudson River, New York, following extreme snow storms and Arctic blasts in the region.

Sector New York command centre was alerted to a commercial tug, the Brooklyn, beset in ice on Sunday, and a second tug, the Stephanie Dann, trapped within the ice on Monday.

Coast Guard Cutter Penobscot Bay, a 140ft ice-breaking tug, freed the Brooklyn near Saugerties, New York on Sunday. The Brooklyn became stuck in the ice after becoming disabled en route to Albany. Once free, the 65ft Coast Guard Cutter Hawser harbour tug escorted the Brooklyn to its destination.

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The Penobscot Bay also rescued the Stephanie Dann near Kingston, New York when it became ice-locked on Monday. After the tug had been beset by ice for a full night, the Coast Guard icebreaker was able to clear an area for the tug to continue its passage.

Coast Guard breaks tug free following snow storms on the Hudson River, New York

Coast Guard Cutter Penobscot Bay helps break free tug Stephanie Dann from the ice on the Hudson River near Kingston, New York. Credit: Petty Officer 3rd Class Steven Strohmaier / US Coast Guard

The US northeast coast has experienced extreme snow storms during the first week of January causing chaos in New York City, the surrounding airports and New York state’s roads and riverways. Temperatures are expected to plummet again this weekend and drop to minus 20 degrees on Saturday night.

Coast Guard ice-breaking tugs from Bayonne, New Jersey, and Saugerties, New York, are stationed along the river and are assisting vessels transiting areas where thick ice is causing problems.

Currently, another 140-foot ice-breaking tug, Coast Guard Cutter Sturgeon Bay, is positioned further south in the Hudson River to ensure commercial traffic can successfully transit.

The ice breaking is part of the Coast Guard’s region-wide effort know as Operation Reliable Energy for Northeast Winters or Operation RENEW. The Coast Guard’s strategy will ensure Northeast communities have the security, supplies, energy, and emergency resources they need throughout the winter.