A marine salvage operation will likely be required to refloat the vessel.

A Coastguard Rescue Team and local firefighters were called to the scene of a sinking fishing boat in the North Yorkshire town of Scarborough this morning.

According to a statement from the Coastguard, water was already over the top of the vessel’s port side hand rail by the time they arrived just before 6 a.m. No one was injured in the incident.

What caused the vessel to sink is unknown, but the rescue service said water was rapidly entering the fishing boat through its hull and collecting in the fish hold.

“A joint services operation saw every attempt possible to pump out the water, right the vessel and stop it from sinking further. However, the breach in the hull was such that it was taking on water almost as fast as it was being removed.”

The group said that, despite best efforts, they were unable to refloat the vessel, which will likely require a marine salvage operation to be recovered before it can be taken to a dry dock for repairs.

The Scarborough Harbour Master was informed and arrangements are reportedly being made to recover the boat, although it is expected to remain where it is for several days.

The incident caused no pollution, though booms were placed around the boat as a precautionary measure in case of fuel leaks.

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