Yarmouth Coastguard have warned the public of the danger of expended US Navy flare containers following the discovery of a several flares around the North Norfolk coastline in recent days

Yarmouth Coastguard have warned beachcombers and dog walkers to the danger of expended US Navy flare containers following the discovery of a several such flares in recent days around the North Norfolk coastline particularly Hunstanton, Holme and Thornham beaches.

Roly McKie, Watch Manager at Yarmouth Coastguard warned:

” Each flare container is approximately 20 inches in length; with each side about 5 inches in length. The container is square box shaped and painted in light blue/grey. The markings on the flare consists of the words `CCC’ written on a green band at one end of the container. At the other end of the container contains the words `Do not handle – contains phosphorous’ Those words are written on a white band. The words `US Navy – Nav Air signal smoke and illumination. Aircraft.’ Are shown at the other end of the box. The oblong box also has four holes at one end. Written around all the sides are the words `Down or forward when launched’ and a large black arrow pointed towards one end of the box. When they are activated they emit flame and smoke for up to 15 – 20 minutes, and when filled can weigh about 10kg.

They are considered to be very dangerous as the phosphorous cannot be assumed to be fully expended. So far they have been located on Holme and Hunstanton beaches, however we cannot be certain whether others may appear on adjacent beaches after being blown ashore in strong onshore breezes.

The affected beach lies close to weapons ranges, and these recent unexploded flares have been released from aircraft. Presently the wind is from the Northeast, which may have had the effect of driving them towards the beach. We believe, therefore, they have been washed ashore on the tide.

Any such findings by members of the public should be immediately reported to the Coastguard or to the Police.”