Police also discovered a semi-submersible vessel used for drug trafficking the day before

Columbian authorities have seized a submarine used to smuggle £1.2m of cocaine to Central America.

The vessel could carry a crew of five from Columbia to Central America and back, remaining submerged for 10 days to avoid detection, according to the BBC

It’s thought she belonged to Columbia’s largest left-wing rebel group the Farc, who are largely financed through drug trafficking.

Authorities believe the vessel, made of steel and fibreglass, was built on the orders of Jorge Neftali Umenza Velasco.

The communications and navigational equipment onboard was so advanced that it’s been valued at over £1m, despite the submarine itself not being expensive to build.

The sub was only discovered after authorities received a tip-off that she was hiding in a jungle area in western Choco province. They had to travel by helicopter to reach the dense jungle near the Pacific coast.

It’s the second find in two days for the authorities who discovered a semi-submersible vessel, which could carry up to 10 tonnes of cocaine.

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