The Greek government has postponed the cruising tax for boat owners to April 2019 but the CA has filed a document asking for clarification on the terms of the tax

On November 15 the Greek government announced that it had implemented a cruising tax, the TEPAH.
The Greek government said that boat owners had 10 days to pay the tax online, but now compulsory payment has been postponed and the new deadline is now 2 April 2019.
In a press release the Cruising Association has stated that at the moment there is no information on how the cruising tax will work, other than it will run under the TAXISnet system – part of the Greek tax system – and that it’s supposed to be an E-tax to be paid online.
According to the CA boats will have to register at the website to pay it. The website is in Greek and the CA believes it is not yet set up for this tax.
 The CA has submitted a 9-page document to the head of the Indirect Taxation Implementation department, asking for clarification on the registration and payment process, so that the implementation can be clear and easy to do online. The Swedish and German Yachting organisations are also working with the CA.
The document covers the points which could affect the non-Greek cruising yachtsman, including:
  • What happens if I am not in the country by the start date of April 2nd?
  • If I pay monthly – how will I prove that I am not using my yacht?
  • How can I pay electronically?
  • How do I register my vessel?
  • What part will Port Police play?
There are statutory fines for non-compliance. To avoid fines for boat owners unaware of the tax or who can’t pay it, the Cruising Association is currently speaking to the Department for Implementation of Indirect Taxation seeking transitional arrangements and information on the tax.
Chris Robb of the CA, who has been involved with the tax since its start, says:
I have severe reservations that an E-tax can be designed and launched in such a short time. I fear that the tax will be launched on a semi-manual basis with significant involvement of Port Police, with all the training issues that were seen with the introduction of the ‘new’ DEKPA. The CA will be working hard to prevent such a disaster.”
The proposed rates for the TEPAH currently are:
  • 7 to 8 metres €16 per month
  • 8 to 10 metres €25 per month
  • 10 to 12 metres €33 per month
  • Above 12 metres €8 per meter
A 10% discount is available if the owner pays for the full calendar year, i.e. January to December.