Comedian raised over £1.1million for Sport Relief

Comedian and

presenter David Walliams has completed his epic 140-mile swim along the Thames

in eight days after illness and cold weather conspired to delay him.


The Little Britain star was greeted at the finish on Westminster Bridge by his

supermodel wife Lara Stone, as well as friends Barbara Windsor, Miranda Hart

and Lenny Henry.


He fell ill last week, suffering from ‘Thames Tummy’ after picking up bacteria

in the water and complained of being bitten by water fleas.

“Being sick was a low point,” he said. “I lost my mojo but thought if I try I

can keep going.”


PBO reported last week that Walliams’ trainer was concerned about the actor

developing hypothermia because a mild summer left the water colder than the

English Channel.


His 140-mile swim took him from Lechdale in Gloucestershire to Westminster in



Walliams’ efforts were filmed for a Sport Relief documentary that will be

broadcast next spring.