Radical designs for a boat that could top 64 knots have been unveiled in Australia

A radical design for a boat which could reach a top speed of over 64 knots has been unveiled in Australia.


The design, which is being heralded as the most significant advance in small boating technology in over four decades, will be built by Australian ship building company Harwood Marine.


It’s claimed that the boat, called the Sea Ski, can cruise at between 48.6 and 54 knots and top 64.79 knots once the hull is lifted clear of the water on special skis.


“It actually floats on air as well as balancing on skis,” explained Trevor Payne from Sea Ski Australasia. “Due to the special features of the design, which is best described as a high performance sea skimmer, it can maintain high speeds in seas that slow other boats substantially.”


The Sea Ski is different to traditional hulls because it doesn’t produce damaging bow waves. Instead most of the energy is dispersed by the skis, resulting in a fine spray that leaves a low profile wash.


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