Neighbours complained for a decade about the constant noise from heavy machinery

A DIY enthusiast who built a boat in his one-bedroom flat has been evicted after a 10-year battle with neighbours.

David Cameron spent a decade building a microlight plane and a speedboat from the confines of his one-bedroom flat. His neighbours say he made their life hell with his constant noise. They complained about Cameron operating heavy machinery, working on engines and sawing wood on the doorstep of their block of flats in West Hampstead.

Neighbours claim Cameron would build parts of his boat and microlight plane in his second floor flat, then take them outside to assemble together. He told housing association bosses that he took the bits to another site to finish the builds.

Neighbour Stephen Meinhold said Cameron was building a plane when he moved in. “Then about two years ago he started building a boat,” he added. ” I have asked him to stop dozens of times but he just threatens me… It’s amazing he can do all this in his flat, but he has caused havoc for the rest of us.”

The housing association Genesis took out an injunction last September preventing Cameron from building large projects in his home. After further complaints from neighbours Genesis found he was breaching the injunction and sent a notice to possess his property.