New threat to red diesel use for UK boaters

The European Commission
is taking the UK to court for “not properly
applying” excise rules over red diesel.

According to a report on BBC News, the EC
is stepping up their opposition to current UK laws that allow the restricted
use of red diesel in recreational vessels.

Red diesel is intended for the use by
fishing vessels and can be up to 40% cheaper than normal fuel due to its lower
tax duty.

It is marked with a red dye to distinguish
it from standard fuel.

The EC said that some were breaking the
rules but that at some refueling points they had no other choice.

“Private leisure boat owners are often
in a situation where they can only purchase marked fuel,” said an EC statement.

“As a consequence, private leisure boats
may not pay the right amount of tax.”

UK boaters should follow these rules over
red diesel:

– When buying red diesel in the UK make
sure that you get a receipt marked ‘duty paid’ and keep them in a safe place onboard.

– Keep a record of the date of refueling and
engine hours as further proof that you bought the diesel in the UK.

– Red diesel should only be stored in the
main fuel storage tanks on your boat.

– Never purchase red diesel in a country
where it is illegal to do so. The RYA has published a rough red diesel guide for different
European Countries.