Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor competed against newlywed royal Zara Phillips and presenter Natalie Pinkham in a charity race at Cowes Week today.

This morning Ewan McGregor, Zara Phillips and Natalie Pinkham took to the sea at Cowes Week in a bid to win a cash prize for their chosen charity.


They each joined a 12 person crew to compete against each other in the 80km race around the island.
The celebrities went head-to-head in 60ft yachts, battling for a £10,000 prize fund that will go to the winning crew’s nominated charity.

It was Vincent Riou on PRB who won the race. Ewan McGregor came third on Hugo Boss and Zara Phillips was 12 minutes behind in fourth place with Artemis.

Last year’s race was won by Mike Golding, who scooped the £10,000 prize and donated it to the RNLI.