Divers have been recovering treasure from a shipwreck off the coast of the Dominican Republic, which is thought to be worth millions

Divers have discovered what might be the ‘oldest shipwreck in the Caribbean’ and treasure that could be worth millions.
Divers from Deep Blue Marine were surveying 42 miles of coastline in a bid to find the sunken vessel, but only managed to find the wreck when a local fisherman sold them a coin he found while diving.
After studying the coin, the archeologists discovered it was one of the oldest coins ever minted. They asked the fisherman to show they where the wreck was, and said he could work with them.
The team have only dived to the site a handful of times, but have already uncovered 700 silver coins, jade figurines and even a mirrored stone; treasure that could be worth millions.
“We only started diving last autumn and haven’t gone down that much because it’s been the winter, said Randy Champion, vice president of Deep Blue Marine. “We have just scratched the surface. All of the stuff we’ve found is just from mucking about really.”
The name of the shipwreck is being kept quiet. Champion said they have a pretty good idea of which ship it is, but wouldn’t reveal any details.

Picture credit: Deep Blue Marine