A fisherman came to the rescue of three men whose boat had caught fire in crocodile and box jellyfish infested waters in Darwin, Australia

Kurt Williamson was getting ready to go fishing in Ludmilla Creek on Monday (12 February), when he noticed a burning boat in the distance.

Williamson approached the vessel on his speedboat and saw three men on board, and a fourth on a liferaft.

The fisherman was 50 metres from the $500,000 craft, but he told Yahoo Australia that he couldn’t get any closer as he feared the boat might explode.
He told the men to jump in the water, so that he could take them ashore on his speedboat.
The men managed to get onto Williamson’s vessel and were brought to safety. Their boat was completely destroyed by the flames.

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Williamson told Yahoo: “It was pretty scary seeing a boat go up in flames like that. The guys were all pretty shaken up and didn’t say much.”

The men were not only running a risk on the boat, but off the boat too, as the waters of Ludmilla Creek are known for being infested with box jellyfish and crocodiles.

“I’m pretty sure there were croc sightings a few days before,” Mr Williamson said.

“There’s always a croc about around here.”