Two men died after cruise ship allegedly ignored fishing boat stranded in the Pacific Ocean

A fisherman is suing a cruise line after passengers claimed
the captain of Star Princess ignored pleas to rescue him and two others stranded in the Pacific Ocean.

A suit was filed against Princess Cruises alleging negligence and intentional or reckless omission, reports the Guardian.

Adrian Vasquez saw cruise ship Star Princess pass his stranded boat as he drifted with two friends. They waved for help, but the ship carried on past them. Vasquez was the only survivor after his two friends died of dehydration.

Passengers on board Star Princess took photos of the stranded boat and claim they told members of staff that they had spotted the fishermen waving for help.

Princess Cruises blamed a communication breakdown for the tragedy.

According to the Guardian, the lawsuit includes the reported testimony of the passengers who spotted the boat and alleges that the crew refused to answer passengers’ questions about the incident two days after she was seen.

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