An investigation is underway after three fishing boats were sunk at Jubilee Quay in Fleetwood. Local fishermen believe vandals are responsible.

Lancashire Police are investigating after three fishing boats moored at the Jubilee Quay in Fleetwood sank on 10 July.

Two inshore fishing boat and a 54-foot trawler, Amaranth were victims of what local fishermen are describing as an attack by vandals.

Vandals target fishing boats in Fleetwood

The partially sunk fishing boats. Credit: Will Bamber/Facebook


The three vessels were partially sunk after holes were smashed in their hulls. The incident happened in daylight hours.

Local fishermen say it is another blow for the town’s already beleaguered fishing industry.

Will Bamber, who has a fishing boat moored at the Jubilee Quay, posted a number of photos of the sunk vessels on the social media site, Facebook.

He said with the help of the Fleetwood Fishing Trips boat, Kingfisher, he managed to salvage one of the inshore fishing boats.

Vandals target fishing boats in Fleetwood

The police are now investigating. Credit: Will Bamber/Facebook


He believes vandals boarded the vessel as the boat’s seacock was smashed and a bar put through the hull.

The other inshore fishing boat has also now been salvaged.

Speaking to the Blackpool Gazette, Bamber said: “Boats just don’t sink on their own. They have been there for more than a year without any issues.”

He continued: “There has definitely been a break-in. One of the windows on the trawler has been smashed, and that’s reinforced glass. There’s a hatch on the stern which was locked from the inside and that’s been opened. All the batteries have been ripped out. There’s damage that couldn’t have been caused when it sunk.”

Vandals target fishing boats in Fleetwood

Three fishing boat were sunk. Credit: Will Bamber/Facebook


Bamber, who is a commercial fisherman, said he was now worried about his boat.

He added that he has, over the last 10 years, been the victim of “at least 100 incidents with vandals.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “We were called just after 6pm on Sunday night to reports that some fishing boats had sunk.”

“Inquiries are ongoing and we will be speaking to the owners of the boats in due course,” stated the spokesman.