Poole lifeboat station destroyed by thieves but still prepared for rescues

Volunteers began the clear up and a police investigation is under way after Poole lifeboat station was broken into and ransacked by thieves on Sunday, 18 October.

They arrived at the station on Poole Quay on Monday morning to find the place in ‘total chaos.’ The doors had been smashed and locked drawers wrenched open and the contents discarded over the floor.

One former crew member said he had been driving over the lifting bridge at around 5.30am on the way to work and had glanced in at the station. He saw someone at the desk and presumed the crew were doing the paperwork from an early morning ‘shout’.

Mechanic Paul Taylor commented: ‘It’s a pity that our pagers didn’t call us out like they usually do in the early hours; we might have surprised the thieves responsible.’

Coxswain Jonathan said: ‘Its very upsetting for the volunteer crew to have someone do something like this to our station. We are here to help and provide 24 hour emergency cover. It’s a kick in the teeth.’

Jonathan added: ‘They’ve caused a lot of damage. I can’t see anything obvious missing, but they’ve trashed the station. Over the next few months when we get the money to do it we’ll replace and repair the damage.”