Two teenagers and an adult were taken to hospital after their jetski capsized at Seaton Carew. A fourth person who swam out to help also had to be rescued

Four people have been rescued at Seaton Carew near Hartlepool after a jetski capsized in the North Sea.

The one adult and two teenagers, who were on the craft, were spotted struggling in the water at around 5pm yesterday (25 June).

A fourth person swam out to help but also had to be rescued by the Hartlepool RNLI inshore lifeboat.

Members of the public made a series of 999 calls to the UK Coastguard.

Humber Coastguard deployed the Hartlepool RNLI inshore lifeboat and its volunteer crew, along with Hartlepool and Seaham Coastguard Rescue Teams.

The HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Humberside was also sent, but stood down after all four were rescued by the lifeboat.

An orange inshore lifeboat heading out to an incident at Seaton Carew

Hartlepool inshore lifeboat. Credit: Tom Collins/Hartlepool RNLI

All four people were suffering with cold and shock.

They were brought back to the Hartlepool lifeboat station where they received first aid attention from the lifeboat station doctor, and paramedics.

One of the casualties was immediately taken to hospital by ambulance.

The two other casualties were transferred to hospital by Hartlepool Coastguard for precautionary checkups.

The fourth person, who had swam out to the incident, was allowed to return home from the lifeboat station.

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Craig Needham from the UK Coastguard warned that it is best to leave rescues to the professionals.

“We always advise people to make sure they have adequate preparations when out at sea. Whether it’s wearing lifejackets, or being adequately trained to cope with the vessel or craft they are using or whether it’s carrying some means of raising the alarm,” he said.

“We’re also aware that people want to help where they can. The best way to help whatever the incident is to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Please don’t risk your life trying to help, leave it to the professionals,” stressed Needham.

Hartlepool RNLI Lifeboat operations manager, Mike Craddy, added: “A quick response from our inshore lifeboat crew meant that we were on scene very quickly and recovered the four casualties before the situation deteriorated.”

“Once again this weekend the dedication from the volunteer crew members has been outstanding and all of us hope the casualties recover quickly from their ordeal,” he added.