The police in Grenada have announced that the decomposing body of a sailor found on a yacht is believed to be German national, Bernd Ludwig Ottogottel

Police in Grenada have confirmed that the decomposing body of a German sailor has been found on a yacht drifting seven miles south of the Caribbean island.

Officers said that a group of Grenadian divers spotted the 40-foot vessel, called Vamp, and reported it to the Grenada Coast Guard on 13 April 2017.

Coast Guard officials boarded the vessel, which had badly damaged sails, and found the decomposing body on board.

Vamp was subsequently towed to the coast guard base.

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A search of the yacht was carried out and a German passport in the name of 62-year-old Bernd Ludwig Ottogottel was discovered.

The Antigua Observer is reporting that the police are not releasing any other details, but have confirmed that the local German Consulate has been informed.

“We are also working with Interpol to assist in tracking the yacht. What we know so far is that it’s a German registered yacht and it set sail from the Canary Islands,” said Detective Superintendent Earl Dunbar on 24 April.

He added that the police will be carrying out an investigation before “a final determination is made as to the possible cause of death”.

Grenada is one of the most popular destinations for cruisers in the Caribbean.

Latest figures from 2015 reveal more than 22,000 sailors visited the island.