Caught on camera: the moment a 5m great white shark attacks a small fishing boat off Fremantle, Australia

David Lock was fishing with his father, Andrew, at 8.30am
Wednesday when a great white took a snap at their

Salmon fishing in a favourite location near Carnac Island
off Fremantle, south of Perth, the two men were astonished when a great white
shark began chasing the salmon Andrew had just hooked.

David Lock was reported saying: “I was just filming as my
dad hooked up a salmon and out of the blue comes a shark, we didn’t think he
was interested at the time and ended up he was, he launched at the fish and
launched at the boat.”

The shark, which was about 5m long, missed the salmon as it
launched itself, and instead hit the 7m fishing boat, knocking David and Andrew
over, and leaving bite marks on the hull of the boat.

“Got bite marks on my boat now. They’re pretty big, 50cm
from one end to another,” said David.

“It touched my right knee with what must have been its nose
or fin – that’s how it close was.

“It’s the shark’s playground, not ours and we’ve got to
remember how powerful and dangerous these sharks are, you can’t take it for

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