The 38 Grand Sport could be the fastest V-hull offshore outboard as Greek shipyard Technohull says their latest model can exceed the 100 knots speed thanks to the DynaStream patented hull technology

Technohull’s new 38 Grand Sport RIB is a vessel the Greek shipyard is clearly very proud of.
Their new model could be the fastest V-hull offshore outboard worldwide as the shipyard has revealed the boat will be able to achieve a speed exceeding 100 knots, using 3×400 hp outboards.

According to Technohull this is thanks to the innovative DynaStream patented hull technology.
This technology has been achieved thanks to the use of state-of-the-art computer programs and hull structure algorithms.
The 38 Grand Sport features a hull with a 24 degrees effective deadrise angle and a 80 degrees bow waterline entry angle which the shipyard says it’s able to achieve speeds exceeding a whopping 100 knots.

TECHNOHULL launches 38 Grand Sport

The company has streamlined its hydrodynamic profile. “As a result, strake geometry, step number, step positioning, and the variable dead-rise distribution along the hull’s surface, have been optimised.” the shipyard states.

Technohull describes the 38 Grand Sport as a balanced, efficient and seaworthy boat “perfect for fast commuting, yet with a very smooth and safe ride, providing a high thrill factor both for the expert and newcomer.”

TECHNOHULL 38 Grand Sport hull

The internal layout of the 38 Grand Sport is developed around the centre console and it allows to include a small cabin or a single seat. The wrap-around shock-absorbing seats have been created for safety and for steering even in rough seas. Both forward and at the stern there are two large sunbathing areas for relaxing.

The 38 Grand Sport will be launched in September 2019.

At a glance…

LOA: 12,10 m
Width: 3,1 m
Disp.: 3400 kg
Fuel: 700 l
Water: 150 l
Max engines: 3×400 hp outboards