Bruce the terrier cross got stranded half way up a cliff at Hengistbury Head in Dorset. Luckily, the Southbourne and Lymington Coastguard Rescue Teams were able to rescue him!

A walk in the Dorset sunshine nearly ended in disaster for Bruce the terrier cross when he became stranded midway up a cliff.

Luckily, his owner knew just what to do and rang the UK Coastguard for help in rescuing his beloved dog!

Members of the Southbourne and Lymington Coastguard Rescue Teams responded to the pooch’s plight.

They set up their dedicated rope rescue equipment and lowered a team member down to the six-year-old terrier cross.

Bruce was quite happy to get out of the cold and into the animal rescue bag.

dorset coastguard teams prepare for a cliff rescue

The Coastguard teams set up their equipment for the rescue. Credit: Southbourne and Lymington Coastguard Rescue Teams

He was unharmed by his experience and was fussed over by all as he was reunited with his very grateful owner.

A local RSPCA officer was also on scene.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is using Bruce’s rescue to remind dog owners to leave the rescue of their pets to the professionals.

Burce the terrier cross after rescue from Dorset coastguard

A happy Bruce is rescued. Credit: Southbourne and Lymington Coastguard Rescue Teams

George Close from the UK Coastguard has this guidance.

“Our advice is simple, when you’re walking along cliff edges it’s important to keep your dog on a lead, to save both it and yourself from the fear felt if it goes over the edge,” he stressed.

“If it does go over, be sure to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Don’t ever attempt to rescue your dog, we’ll get your dog back, we’re the experts,” stressed Close.