The three anglers were fishing at Ramore Head, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, when their boat was swamped by heavy swell and started sinking.

Three anglers have been given safety advice by the coastguard after their small motor boat was swamped by heavy seas and began sinking.

The three men had been fishing off Ramore Head in County Antrim, Northern Ireland when their vessel suffered mechanical failure.

They were unable to manoeuvre the boat, which was swamped by the heavy swell and began sinking.

The anglers managed to scramble to the safety of the rocks at the base of Ramore Head.

Both the Coleraine Coastguard Rescue Team and the Portrush RNLI Inshore lifeboat were tasked to assist the men on 17 September.

On arrival, the crew of the inshore lifeboat safely rescued the men from the rocks.

A line was then attached to the half submerged motor boat.

The vessel was towed to Portrush Harbour, where the RNLI and coastguard teams managed to pull it up the slipway.

The motor boat is successfully recovered and taken to Portrush Harbour, Northern Ireland

The motor boat on a slipway at Portrush Harbour. Credit: Coleraine Coastguard

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