The holed yacht, which had two crew on board, was in danger of sinking near the Bramble Bank at the entrance of Southampton Water.


Cowes RNLI responded following reports that the 22-foot yacht, International Tempest, had holed and was in danger of sinking in the Solent.

The vessel, which had two men aboard, were reported to be near Bramble Bank at the entrance of Southampton Water.

The volunteer crew from Cowes raced across the Solent just before 3pm on 12 July to assist the two men.

The holed Tempest rescued by Cowes RNLI

Close up of the hole. Credit: George Chastney/RNLI


On arrival, the RNLI found the yacht was already under tow by the RIB Red Abigail.

International Tempest’s crew were sitting on the yacht’s transom to lift the bow as much as possible out of the water.

Red Abigail continued the tow across the Solent to the Isle of Wight, escorted throughout by the Cowes lifeboat.

Once it reached Cowes, the holed yacht was taken to Shepards Wharf Marina, where it was speedily lifted onto the shore.