The final day of the Heineken International Cup in Puerto Rico saw the American AND 68 leading the field for both races, only to have its hopes for a win left in shreds as the boat's huge kite blew-out on the last mark

Any lack of wind over the first days of the Heineken International Cup regatta was made up for today in what can only be described as perfect racing conditions. The deep blue of the sky was matched only by the sea which was topped by marching white-horses. With more than 20 knots of steady easterlies, most of the fleet were racing at the top end of their full-sail plan, a little more wind would have presented some interesting situations. As it was, the gybe mark was fraught with crews battling with their over-powered race machines.

For the last two days, the winner of Class A has been Mermaid 2, a custom-built 40 footer. Despite the fact that Magnitude, an American AND 68, has led the field, Mermaid’s rating has given her sufficient advantage to maintain an overall lead. To the delight of Magnitude’s very frustrated crew, Mermaid jumped the start in the second race today and had to go back around. Ironically, the extra lead that Magnitude notched up was then forfeited as she lost precious time recovering from a blown kite on the last mark. We will have too wait for the results to be posted later this evening to see what effect today’s events had on the leader-board.

The essence of this regatta is fun for all. There are many older boats racing competitively, one J27, sail No 7 and going by the name of Magnificent 7 has been racing the Caribbean circuit for more than 20 years, and has scored a win at each of the events. Even after all these years, she is still leading her class.

Even dinghies are competing in the event, with Cats such as the Hobie 16 and Fox being popular, and seem to draw as much attention and turn as many heads as do the Class A boats. Very much a family event, children barely into their teens are racing as bow man for their fathers, and a specially organised Optimist series has been held for children as young as eight just outside the marina.

Don’t forget to check out the results later this evening on the official website by clicking here