Brit in critical condition after losing both legs in shark attack in Cape Town

A British man lost both legs in a shark attack after ignoring
warnings of a shark circling close to the beach in Cape Town, South Africa. According to
the Daily Mail, he told others on the beach: “If a shark takes me, then blame
me, not the shark.”

The news comes just a few weeks after a man was killed by a shark on his honeymoon in the Seychelles. 

Michael Cohen, who was living in South Africa at the time, ignored warnings from at least two people,
heading past a flag indicating the beach was closed, and entering the water where he was attacked by a shark.

He was rushed to hospital for at least six hours of
emergency surgery and remains in a critical condition.

“I saw a burst of water and thought it was a seal taking a
fish or something,” said eye witness Tracy Sassen. “Then people started rushing
into the sea and pulling this guy out of the water… he was very white and in
shock. Half of one leg was missing and the ankle on the other leg was badly

One of the beach’s shark spotters said Mr Cohen was very
interested in sharks and respected them, but he never listened to their
warnings. He said: “We warned him often that he was taking a risk, but he always said
‘if a shark takes me then blame me, not the shark’.”

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