Jane Hitchens and Nik Brboa receive medical treatment after 'monster wave' hit their clipper yacht

Two of the four injured sailors on the Clipper Round The World yacht Geraldton Western Australia have been transferred to a US hospital.

Jane Hitchens, 50, from Kent, who is the yacht’s on-board doctor, and Nik Brbora (picture above), 29, from London, were transferred to a US coastguard cutter which brought them to.

The pair were said to be “in good spirits” and were taken by ambulance to Highland general hospital in Oakland, California for treatment.

Ms Hitchens has suspected broken ribs and is being treated with oxygen and Mr Brbora had an injured pelvis but has since been discharged.

Three Britons and an Australian were hurt during the round-the-world race when they were caught in rough seas about 400 miles off the California coast in the Pacific Ocean.

Max Wilson, 62, a farmer from Queensland, Australia continued on despite his suspected broken ribs, and Mark Burkes, 47, from Worcestershire, who suffered a back injury, also stayed on board to arrive with the rest of the crew in San Francisco Bay today (Tuesday 3 April).

Crew member, Ian Geraghty, described the scene on board:

“I was down below, when the last ‘monster wave’ hit us. Water was just pouring down and everyone was in a complete state of shock once the incident happened.

“When you are driving the boat at night, it’s completely dark you can’t see the waves and it’s like driving a double decker bus down a motorway blindfolded with no windscreens.”

Image courtesy of Clipper