ISWAN's 'Seafarers' Mental Health and Wellbeing' package has been created to provide support to sailors with mental health issues and is available free of charge

A new training package produced by KVH Videotel and ISWAN (International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network) was introduced on Tuesday 16 October during the 5th Annual International Shipowning & Shipmanagement Summit in London.


The package, ‘Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing’ is been offered free of charge throughout the industry.
The programme was produced in association with ISWAN and comprises a short video, facilitator notes, and information booklets from ISWAN on mental health issues at sea.
Mark Woodhead, KVH senior vice president for EMEA said: “Seafarers face unique working conditions which can put them under tremendous stress, with fewer opportunities for relief than they would be likely to find on land. This programme not only presents information from industry experts but also lets seafarers themselves tell their own story in interviews and short statements, describing the path to achieving happiness.”


ISWAN said that if left unaddressed, seafarer’s stress can result in danger to one’s self by way of lowered morale, increased human error, lifestyle illnesses, decreased productivity, burnout, and mental health issues.
‘Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing’ focuses on ‘what seafarers can do to cope with the challenges but also to take advantage of the many opportunities onboard’.
It also tackles the importance of rest, diet, team activities, maintaining good relationships and talking to trusted crewmates onboard ship. ISWAN also provides a 24/7 multilingual helpline, SeafarerHelp, as well as the work of port-based organisations such as Mission to Seafarers.
ISWAN’s brochures are being distributed as part of this training package, available to download from the dedicated KVH Videotel website. KVH Videotel is also providing brief facilitator notes to assist those who will use this programme to run training sessions on vessels.


‘Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing’ was produced with support from seafaring industry. Steering group members include: Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd; Associated British Ports; International Maritime Employers’ Council; International Maritime Organization (IMO); ‘K’ Line LNG Shipping (UK) Limited; The Mission to Seafarers; Nautilus International; Sailors’ Society; Shell International Ltd; The Shipowners’ Club; Swire Pacific Offshore; John H. Whitaker (Tankers) Ltd. Seafarers UK and other organisations are assisting with distribution and promotion of the training package.


For more information and to obtain ‘Seafarers Mental Health and Wellbeing’ package, click here.