The RNLI crew in Brighton, England had a busy afternoon on Saturday as they were called to three rescues assisting a total of 12 people.

The first call came at 4.40pm when volunteers helped a family stranded on a yacht that lost power.

As the 49er was being towed back the crew received a second call saying another boat was in trouble just outside the marina.

Volunteers berthed the yacht quickly and made it out to the 21ft speedboat, which had suffered engine failure.

As the lifeboat returned to the marina with the second boat in tow, the crew received a third call after a man in his late twenties jumped 40ft off the pier. He was thought to be suffering spinal and head injuries.

Crew members joined three lifeguards already assisting the casualty. Securing the man to astretcher, a volunteer lifted him into the boat.

The casualty was brought to the shore to be taken to an ambulance and transported to Royal Sussex County Hospital.

The man, visiting Brighton from London, is due to be released from hospital Monday afternoon with only minor injuries and bruising.