Coastguards have issued a warning about using lifejackets after a boat sank in under 45 seconds.

Two men aboard a leisure craft in the North Sea had an “extraordinarily lucky’ escape after their boat sank within 45 seconds.

Only one of the men was wearing a lifejacket, according to the Northern Echo.


They were rescued after 90 minutes when a passing angling boat spotted them. The pair were brought to Staithes, where the coastguard rescue team were preparing for their arrival.


“These two men were extraordinarily lucky,” said Mike Puplett, watch manager at Humber Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre. “Not only did another boat happen upon them but with just one lifejacket between them they managed to stay afloat for 90 minutes.”


“Lifejackets are useless unless worn and incidents like this show why,” he added. “Boats do sink without warning and the MCA recommends that lifejackets should be worn at all times while on deck.”


The men were transferred to hospital and checked for possible hypothermia, cold water shock and secondary drowning.