The tears and the triumph; on Thursday 1 March, BBC2 is showing a 50-minute documentary made using footage shot during Ellen’s extraordinary voyage in the Vendée Globe

There’s no escape for Ellen! The latest step in her media schedule is a 50-minute television special on her trials and tribulations onboard Kingfisher during the Vendée Globe. The show airs at 2110 hours, Thursday 1 March on BBC2, and uses some of the fabulous footage Ellen shot for her sponsors during the race.

The show gives some idea – just a taste perhaps – of what it’s like to spend nearly 100 days inside the carbon cocoon of a hi-tec racing yacht. In heavy weather, the experience has previously been described as driving a sportscar across a ploughed field at high speed. We shall see.

The show should also give those still steadfastly unimpressed by her endeavours some idea of what the fuss is all about when it comes to the Derbyshire Dynamo. And she says racing is the easy bit??