Lizzy is one of four women taking part among 74 solo sailors in the competition.

Lizzy Foreman, 25, will be hoping to do it for Great Britain when she takes take part in the Mini Transat Îles de Guadeloupe race this year.

Lizzie from Worcester Park, Surrey, is one of just two female skippers in a series boat, her 6.5m boat Hull #633 ‘Hudson Wight’.

The intrepid young sailor talked to Yachting and Boating World about what she’s most looking forward to about the race:

“Simply the joy of being back on the water for days at a time,” she said.

“It has taken so much time, financial and physical commitment to get to the start line that I absolutely must get to the other side – not just for myself but for all those who have believed in me and supported me along the way!”

And when it comes to getting ready for the race, for Lizzie, it’s almost all about what’s in her head:

“Mental preparation – having the ability to withstand tough situations and to push yourself to the limit [is important],” she said.

Lizzy Foreman

But she still has the fear about certain situations:

“I am most worried about making a mistake with the weather forecast and consequently sailing in the ‘wrong’ direction,” Lizzy said.

“Our only source of weather information is by SSB, at 0700 each day. Often the signal can be quite poor so it is not easy to decipher the information.

“The rounding of Cape Finisterre is likely to be difficult as well – the coast line is scary, with huge high cliffs, and often strong winds – I remember in the Azores race last year taking 35-40 knots!”

The Mini Transat Îles de Guadeloupe 2015 starts on Saturday 19 September.

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