A lottery grant of more than £400,000 will be used to search for sunken warships around the Welsh coast


The two year project around the Welsh coast will be run by the Royal Commission in partnership with Bangor University and the Nautical Archaeology Society.

It will utilise cutting edge imaging techniques in a bid to discover where the World War I wrecks lie.

Richard Bellamy, head of the Heritage Lottery Fund, told the BBC that the project will “look at a part of Wales’ history that lots of people might not know about.

“The project will combine the latest technology with First World War heritage to uncover a key but often forgotten part of Wales’ past.”

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A similar project, Seacams 2, has been in operation by scientists from Bangor University. Seacams too has been employed to create images of the shipwrecked SS Damao, which was sunk by a torpedo on 28 April, 1918.

Dr Michael Roberts, research and development manager for Seacams 2, told the BBC that the team “greatly enjoyed” their work and described it as “invaluable to a wide range of environmental studies”.