Specialist course offers guidance on optimising weather conditions

Sailing enthusiast Glyn Secker has established a specialist one-day weather training course that will give lessons in both dealing with and optimising conditions at sea.

Having searched for a similar course to no avail himself, Secker felt that there was a desire within the marine industry for an accessible, inexpensive weather training course.

Similar one-day courses exist for topics such as sea survival and radar training, and the new course is designed to compliment these. The courses will be run with tutoring from professional meteorologists.

“Our first session will be held at the Cruising Association on the 28th October, and it has attracted attention from experienced sailors,” says Secker. “We’ve even had a Yachtmaster instructor interested.”

The course pays particular attention to micro-scale weather and to the practical application of knowledge. The primary objectives are to make a significant contribution to safety for all sailors, including those taking RYA Day Skipper up to Yachtmaster exams; to enable sailors to catch up with new developments in the field and brush up on their skills; and to help sailors maximise their use of weather and weather windows.

Courses are currently running at the Cruising Association HQ, Limehouse Basin and London Docks. Plans for sessions in the Solent area are also being discussed.

For more information or to book visit www.weather-to-sail.com