A man and his dog had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard after the 32-year-old's handmade duct-taped boat began sinking near Juneau, Alaska

A man, who tried to paddle across the Gastineau channel near Jeneau, Alaska, in a homemade duct-taped boat, has been rescued by the US Coast Guard after the boat starting sinking.

The 32-year-old was’t wearing a life jacket. He also had his dog in tow.

Luckily, he was spotted by off-duty coastguardsman, Lt. Joseph Schlosser.

He contacted the US Coast Guard Sector Juneau watch standers, and the station’s 25-foot response boat, RB-S, which was on exercise in the area, was diverted to the man’s location.

The crew looked at the man’s homemade inflatable duct-taped boat and deemed it unsafe.

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The 32-year-old and his dog were then transferred to the rescue boat and taken to Douglas Harbor in Juneau. The boat was also towed into shore.

Speaking following the rescue, Lt. Schlosser said: “I noticed the craft in the channel and I could tell the man was not wearing a life jacket and the craft was not safe”.

“I contacted the sector command center and the Station’s smallboat crew responded quickly and helped the man to safety,” he added.

The man was reportedly trying to get to Point Bishop at the entrance of Taku Inlet.

The rescue happened on Wednesday (7 June).

Weather at the time was reported as calm seas and nine mile per hour winds.